Saving the day

There once was a woman named Jane,
Who thought getting up was a pain.

And then it got worse!
A person averse
To time as we knew it,
plotted to screw it!

Spring forward! they said,
It’ll be loads of fun,
The days will be longer,
We’ll get lots more done!

Of losing an hour they thought we’d agree
It was worth it and so they made the decree,
About being sleepy and cranky and such,
Nobody thought we’d care all that much.

They forget about Jane,
Who was slightly insane,
And needed to sleep,
To rest her brain.

And when she found out about the lost hour,
she went on a rampage and feeling quite dour,
she put out a call to all who would hear;
To all fellow sleepyheads far and near.

For death and destruction to all those who say.
Daylight Savings is best! A much longer day!
She didn’t Spring forward, our heroine Jane,
She let out a scream, wailing in pain,

When the bell went off an hour early,
And when she got up she was certainly surly.
She went to the drawer and rooted around
Until what she sought was finally found.

And once in hand, the hammer she swung
Against the alarm which had rudely rung,
And ruined her slumber and made her so mad!
And when she was done she didn’t feel bad.

She got back in bed and snuggled in good,
And realized now that really she could
Sleep as long as she wanted, saving the day,
How it should be, this day, her way.

You can’t save time, it doesn’t work!
She said to herself with a impudent smirk.
It has its own plan and it doesn’t care
What we all think or what we will dare.

Like fooling with time and losing an hour–
Who are we to have that power?
Not me, she said, and pulled up the spread,
Fluffed her pillow and snoozed instead.

3 thoughts on “Saving the day

  1. Heide March 12, 2019 / 10:09 am

    Good for Jane! The leader of the land recently tweeted that he is in favor of abolishing this barbaric and senseless time-shift, so perhaps this is the last time Jane will be forced to “spring forward.”

    Liked by 1 person

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